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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Hi all! As the holidays are fast approaching, so may be some of the anxieties that come into play for our kiddos on the spectrum during this time of year. As most of us look forward to spending time with families and friends we may not always get to, having time off of work and a lot of extra food- these very things can be the cause of a great amount of stress and anxiety for some of our children who want consistency in their schedules and routines. I have once again created a couple of different resources that I hope will be helpful to you and your families during this fabulous time of year. I might also suggest creating a schedule for your children that tells them when you are going where. For example, if you have multiple Thanksgiving celebrations to attend maybe write out the days you will attend what houses. It could also be helpful to give your kiddo a time frame for when they will be at each of these new places to help give them some structure. I truly wish each of you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving celebrations!!

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